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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a limited budget, how can we bring J. Thurman to our event?

There are many creative funding options for those who have a limited budget here are few

Funding sources:

1. Share J. Thurman with another school in your area on the same day. J. Thurman fee is cut nearly in HALF for your school if you share J. Thurman with another school. J. Thurman can speak at your school in the morning, a neighboring school in the afternoon and then catch a flight home. This way, J. Thurman speaks to more students, you save money… it’s a win for all schools involved. You can easily promote to other schools and decision makers…just forward them a link to www.jthurman.com and share your plan.

2. Check with your school administration for funding from the Associated Student Body fund. For teacher in-service programs, ask about Staff Development — Title VI funding.

3. If you have a budget for educational supplies, simply buy 250 copies of my academic success book, and I will speak at your event for free.

4. Contact your school’s PTSA/PTO/PTA. Share your plans with them. They are more likely to contribute funds if your plan is well thought out.

5. Create a win-win situation. Contact several of your larger local businesses and partners you have joined together before, especially those related to services for teens and their families. Ask

for the owner, CEO or Community Services Department. If they are willing to help sponsor the speaker, you can exchange the favor by announcing their support to your students and parents.

What kind of travel expenses are we talking about?

J. Thurman requires the basics: round-trip airfare from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Atlanta, Georgia, ground transportation, and hotel.