The Ten Agreements

I was just having one of my most interesting People in the world moments waiting for my flight out of Phoenix, Arizona and you will believe what just happened. For over two hours I was having the kind of dialog and introspection that one needs to perform every once in a while. It was well over due. I was  trying to get through the hours of my flights being delayed when it happened. Woman “Y” decided to  try to open the lines of communication to an obvious moment of purposeful avoidance, on my behave, when it struck me.  This could be an almighty “Y” not moment.

I followed her lead first with the beverage choice and then with the conversation. We began to talk, gingerly at first , then as the Stella Artois’s started to kick in between the both of us, it happened. She began to point out one of the problems with relationships was that the sexes are not impeccable with their word. This was the tie in with the book “The Four Agreements” written by Don Miguel Ruiz. She asked me had I read it and I said, “No, but it is in Queue”. Truth is I have about seven books in queue and that book is on the bottom. A friend gave it to me to read and somehow it went from self-help to shelf-help.

Nevertheless, through her wanting to be on top of the moment instead of in the moment she began to create a list of unique characteristics based on my zodiac sign. She listed ten specific personality characteristics that all Libra’s  consistently  must have based on her knowledge, training and experience. I labeled them the Ten Agreement based on the theme of our conversation.

The Four Agreements like my Ten Agreements are based on the agreements we have with each other to accept negative  external views. They  stem from programming we  receive at birth. This self imposed list of condemning qualities that follows us our whole lives and usually limits our potential goes as such: “you’re not this or you will never be that or the classic genetic hereditary curse” etc. These are the core agreements of the 98%.

I wanted to list my Ten Agreements that was given to me by Woman “Y” solely based on her knowledge, training and experience of my zodiac, of people and knowing me for an hour. And it reads as follows:

Things I Need

(The truth and nothing but the truth According to Troia Lyles)

1. I choose Logic over Emotion. – Love is the most powerful tool.
2. Not Empathic, but Sympathetic.- I am empathetically sympathetic.
3. I tend to motivate and inspire people. – Power speaker at your service.
4. I tend to look at the glass half full/half empty.- There are plenty of full  glasses for every one.
5. Jealous.- That takes too much energy.
6. Family Orientated.- I am loyalty orientated to any and all people that extend themselves to me with love and sincerity.
7. Not a cluttered kinda person. – Some times it has to build up so you can it blow away.
8. Moody.- Only if the Bears are losing.
9. I splurge on myself.- Yes, with an explanation.
10. I don’t want to be lonely.-No! One of my truly unique

You have to create your own reality everyday and break the negative paradigms that we were indoctrinate into I had to seriously look at this list. There is no chance meeting. I was due for a check up.

I wanted to see how this list matched up with the other agreements in the book.

1. Was I impeccable with my word? Absolutely, even on Sunday’s or I will call and reschedule.

2. Did I allow anything on the list to be taken personal? No, I actually was learning more about the process of me and how our interactions are all about perception and the agreements that we allow to manufacture our reaction to people and their opposite perceptions is our choice.

3. Was I making assumptions about Woman “Y” and her scientific assumptions. Or was I just having a beer with a beautiful stranger I had known for years, it seemed?

4. Was I doing my best? Yes, I wanted  to see if her knowledge training and experience as a  sales person was right? Yes, I would have taken my new Chevy Camaro back and got the Lexus if she was selling. I mean something was definitely differently about her method of assurance and confidence that was enough to move her off the showroom floor into an executive position and giving me this moment of introspection. Like I said before, I do not believe in  incidence nor coincidence.  She was good.

She was not selling me on anything,  but a opportunity to see what kind of agreements I had allowed myself to sign off on through the years. Agreements like poverty consciousness, intelligence level and so on. Now, just think,  how many times we have allowed family, friends even authority figures to bring their superstitions, prejudices, fears and adopted opinion agreed to them. We even have used them as the premise for our very ideas, thoughts and actions without questioning the source.

For a lot of people this is their inheritance into a life of lack and scarcity, not abundance. It is easy to trust fear under the guise of love and concern  and harder to know when your innate inner knowing is telling you is right from wrong. If I did not at least take some time to think about the agreements that Woman “Y” had laid out in front of me I would have bought more than just those tenagreements I would have also bought that Lexus as well.

Thanks Troia,

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J. Thurman grew up in the bustling metropolis of Chicago, IL. He attended Virginia State University and Southern University and A&M College where he received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Political Science. After College, he began his career as a public servant educating people in various communities change their life and empowering themselves about their health and life choices. He is an educator, researcher, author, master communicator, power speaker and official game changer. Currently, J. Thurman operates three enterprises, has authored best- selling books, and has been mentored by the top personal and professional development guru's. He constantly coach’s young people in maximize their potential in business and personal growth. He travels tirelessly and is available for you and your project to help reap the good works that you do in changing lives and making a difference every day. His labor of love is to be of service to you and your program and/or organization.

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