How to Fire your Haters

In reading a recent article on Jill Scott about firing her personal trainer I had an idea.  He was fired for making a blatantly true statement. He stated that if she did not lose the weight that she would not sell any records. His termination brings to question, have you fired your haters lately. About six years ago there was movement to employ you haters as a source of motivation everybody was getting one. Having a hater on staff was an extremely trendy thing, for not just entertainer, but your average Joe. It is important to remember that you must fire your haters with extreme prejudice in a swift matter. The strike must be with the precision of a Samurai warrior.

In the Jill Scott case she acted prudently and appropriately. You must fire your haters and trust me your haters can even be your “yes men/women around you. You have haters in your bed, life and thoughts and they must be terminated promptly. Once they serve their purpose in your life they have got to go. One of the challenges most people have is keeping their haters around past their expiration date. After you have accomplished said goal that you set out to obtain, you have to let your haters go. Our fear of not being liked paralyzes us from doing what is right for us. The hater in our bed, lives and thoughts are not right for us and need to be disposed of expeditiously. Our energy is being devoured because we do not know the proper way to terminate our haters after they have out lived there purpose.

Top Ten Tips To Fire Your Haters:    

  1. Be clear about duties when an employee is hired. They are there to motivate you and assist you to get to that next level of achievement.
  2. Be sure to set a timeline. Make a concentrated effort before you unleash your hater that you set a time line and stick to it. This keeps you goal orientated to stay on task. If you have a great hater working for you they will be working 24/7 to hate on you. You have to match their intensity with that much more effort to get accomplished what they have said you could not get done.
  3. Discuss with employees any behavior that is immediate grounds for termination. Don’t wait until behavior is already occurring. Be sure that all haters understand firing offenses, such as not staying on the job. They are there to motivate you non-stop until you have completed the task at hand.

4. Your reason for dismissing your hater should always be a legitimate one and based off the terms of agreement. Any problems you experience with the person in question should be documented and it is a good idea to make them aware that you have some issues with their work.

(Warning: Your hater may pose as a friend to distract you and then strike. Know what they are at the Core and stay focused. They are not misunderstood souls or people that you can save at all.)

 5. You should give the employee verbal and written warnings outlining exactly what they should do in order ensure that they are working to the level you require.   This will guarantee that they are aware of your problems and will give them a chance to rectify their mistakes. This may not happen because a hater by nature is always busy, but just in case keep a record.

6. If the problems persist, you now know that you have more of a written case to support your claims. The employee is aware that they are not up to snuff and the pressure is now on them to amend their behavior or quality of work. Grounds for immediate termination should be outlined and documented.

7. Maintain a professional relationship. Keep your haters close to make sure that whatever they say you cannot do that is the very thing that you should be working on. If they say you cannot get that job your focus should be on “The 5 P’s” to obtain that career etcetera. Especially, when they say you can’t have a healthy loving relationship put a plan in place to obtain a loving relationship. Move to attract to kind of love you want. Visualize the kind of feelings you want and then visualize peace in all relationships you have. If you cannot see it nor do it just says all of the things that are not and reverse them. Replace all negative statements with affirmative statements in every thought until it is a habit.  Be the change you want in someone else, first! You should know why your hater is there at all times. Your dress, speech, and cooperative nature should always be reflective of a professional positive manner.

8. Give notice to your hater: You should be near completion of your goal list that you haters have given you. This also keeps you on task with your timeline. Let them know that there time of service is almost over and appraise their performance. This ensures that everything they said you could not accomplish got done. The assessment is more for you than your hater.

9. Always remain calm: Remember they are helping you. They are doing you a favor. Be a professional! When incited to act out, know that they are offering you an opportunity to transmute that mild discomfort you feel in your chest into energy to get your goal done faster in a more effective way.

10. Exit interview: Make sure that they relinquish your property if on hand, if not, always chalk it up as a loss. WRITE IT OFF ON YOUR TAXES! Remember most haters are looking for devious ways to cling on to you even though their time and usefulness is up. They can only do one thing right which is hate so remember that. They are parasites! Parasites can cleanse and heal, but when they have done their job they must be removed or death may occur. They can be crafty so be careful! Do not allow your E.G.O. (Exercising your Genius Obnoxiously) blind you. Don’t waste time trying to teach or preach to them. Do not listen to their sob stories. You are running the business of you and business is Great. However, if this is too emotional for you send them an email. Make sure that you use various haters for future projects. You will need different styles to make you unbreakable and a master of your fate.

Be swift and forceful in your approach. You are the boss, not them, they are assisting you in develop and organize your plans. Your goal is to practice transmuting their hate into motivation and keep you on task. Capitalize your opportunities to maximize your potential and develop your imaginative qualities to grow and exceed average. Your hater has a purpose and when that purpose is over than, “They Must Go So You Can Grow”.

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J. Thurman grew up in the bustling metropolis of Chicago, IL. He attended Virginia State University and Southern University and A&M College where he received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Political Science. After College, he began his career as a public servant educating people in various communities change their life and empowering themselves about their health and life choices. He is an educator, researcher, author, master communicator, power speaker and official game changer. Currently, J. Thurman operates three enterprises, has authored best- selling books, and has been mentored by the top personal and professional development guru's. He constantly coach’s young people in maximize their potential in business and personal growth. He travels tirelessly and is available for you and your project to help reap the good works that you do in changing lives and making a difference every day. His labor of love is to be of service to you and your program and/or organization.

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