Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. Ladies, never again will you allow any man, friend, associate, family or stranger to Bully you because you are afraid of confrontation which means “DECISIVE ACTION” or brainwashed into thinking you’re being nice when you’re “Inner G” is being compromised. Stop masquerading compromise when all it really means, is SURRENDER.

Are you being bullied in your relationships? Usually the person being bullied doesn’t even know it. Most bullying techniques are so subtle that unless that person practices psychic self-defense they would never know. Are you being lead to do things and say thing because of guilt and the fear of not being liked. Subtle bullying is deals with emotional manipulation and that persons being bullied wanting to be dismissive or wanting to be like. A person who seeks acceptance seeks to be bullied. Our apathy to act and be decisive in our action to say “no” when it is necessary causes that fraction of a second for someone to bully you. Television and advertisers bully you through their programming. You think that television was designed to broadcast your favorite programs, but in reality television was created to broadcast advertisements aka commercials for your favorite products and services. Never forget it is the sponsors that control the networks. They in turn use programs to program you to purchase their goods and services this is a form of bullying your pleasure pathways. Have you ever got angry when your favorite program went to a commercial break-of course you have. They are bullying you into purchasing their products and if you do they will keep your program on the air. The image of a school bully twisting your arm until you say uncle should have flashed in your head.

As apathy continued and you just want that bully to release your arm you increase a yearning to be free of confrontation and this is how it starts. This how we learn to be bullied in our relationships we develop tendencies that increase our tolerance that turn into violations against our soul. You can be a tiger at work and come home seeking a release and get bullied by your family, friends even your neighbor. The secret to your relationships is not to be the nicest, because nicest does not fit everyone. Most people distrust nice anyway. It is better to be fair and understand the worth of your time, money and energy. You don’t get bullied when you overstand the concept of self-worth and that it is some people’s mission in life to distract you. When you lack purpose and live for the acceptance of other people you are easily bullied and manipulated. The grossest violation that another person can do to you is to impose their will against you in the name of “what is good for you”. When you are bullied in any relationship you are not respected and the other person believes in their heart that they aren’t doing anything wrong, based off the fact that there was no physical harm done. This is why psychological bullying is so effective. Just because they are oblivious does not mean you have to be.

Your unnecessary compromising will be the death of you. It serves no purpose other than to weakening your decisiveness and makes you a mark for people. Compromising for the sake of compromising exhibits traces of surrender and constant surrender leads to defeat. Image a fake tough guy whose only source of power is your power; now imagine you handing over your power to this fake tough guy every time he or she ask for it. This is what happens when you are being bullied. You will find out that it is always the little request that you have a challenge with and then you will find a flood of small request coming at you. Just like a person can nickel and dime you to death that same person will small request you to death.

There is no better weapon against bullies than decisive action with a focus on clarity and purpose. You can only be bullied if you are indecisive in your expressions and actions. Bullies smell fear, doubt and worry because they know that you will do anything to stop them from twisting your arm. The confrontation that most people have is the confrontation from within them. The only bully that exist doesn’t manifest from a external source, but a internal source that comes from a place that allowed you to believe that the boogie monster once existed in the shadows of your room. The key to disarming a bully is a firm stance and a firm mastery of “NO”. You need not explain your reasons, bullies love to get you talking only to throw you off. Focus! Visualize a successful series of these events and the bullies will vanish just as sure as the boogie man disappears when the light come on. Illuminate your power from within.

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